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I'm Jon X and I'm the creator of Superheroines.net - my small corner of the Internet that I dedicate to bringing superheroines to life with photoshoots, comic books and movies. Everything involving heroines like Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Power Girl and others.


  1. Hey Jon, I used to be a member on superheroines.net or when it used to be supersexyheroines.net with paid subscription but i forgot username and pass…how can i read old comics are they still available to download or read? let me know…thanks

  2. Hey JT – I don’t any have any of the records for the old SuperSexyHeroines.com website any more… but… I do have all the comic books and I’ll be uploading a comic book per week (hopefully).

  3. Hi Jon,
    You mentioned in a recent post that Helen Andrew had performed as a Hooters Girl.
    Any idea if that stuff is available anywhere?
    Thanks a million,

  4. Seriously what gives? You come back with this big announcement saying the site is in full swing and then wham, you fall off the face of the earth again. I’ve emailed you a few times with questions and haven’t heard anything. You also posted a ”teaser” of Nicole Neal as supergirl. This was awesome until I found out that you also posted the same teaser in Jan 2013. You obviously have it finished so why not upload it.

    Don’t give hope where there is none.

    This site has let so many down.

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