Miss Power - Time Travel

Evil super villainess travels back in time to fight Miss Power

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Superheroines: Miss Power Ultimate Girl
Models/Actresses: Emma Glover India Reynolds
Number of comic pages: 192

Full Summary:

With the help of a dedicated government agent, the young superheroine Miss Power tracks down a dangerous super villainess.

However the super evil woman discovers a way to travel back in time to before Miss Power knew of her existence, and after being attacked by some pervert, the younger Miss Power comes face-to-face with the evil woman.

After discovering both their powers, the two superwomen fight it out. There can only be one winner, but will it be the young, busty Miss Power, or the more wily evil super villainess?


192 pages of superheroine action


Emma Glover in a catsuit
India Reynolds school girl outfit
Emma Glover as super villainess
Super villainess Emma Glover throwing man across a room
Superheroine Emma Glover kicking a man across the room
Superheroine Emma Glover picking a man up by his throat
India Reynolds as superheroine Power Girl
Power Girl India Reynolds crushing a man's fist
Mighty Miss Power arms folded
India Reynold cleavage as superheroine
Power Girl in distress
Power Girl India Reynolds about to kick ass
Catfight between India Reynolds and Emma Glover as superheroines
Ultimate Girl Emma Glover punches Power Girl India Reynolds in the face
Superheroine Emma Glover standing over Power Girl India Reynolds
Emma Glover about to smash India Reynolds on all fours
Emma Glover finishes off Inda Reynolds on the floor in pain and peril
Superheroine catfight with heat vision
Miss Power taking care of a bad guy

Sample Comic Pages