About Jasmine Sinclair

Jasmine Sinclair is a professional and experienced glamour model and a bondage model based in Kent, England. She has been modelling since 2000 and won the Signy Award for Best Bondage Model in 2003. In 2006, Jasmine became a Playboy UK CyberGirl.

Jasmine Sinclair has featured in a large number of publications including The Sun, News of the World and The Daily Sport newspapers, Playboy magazine, Toni and Guy Magazine, Loaded Magazine, Nuts Magazine, Zoo Magazine, Ann Summers Catalogue, REVS Magazine and Maxpower Magazine.

Vital Statistics for Jasmine Sinclair are:

Orientation: Bisexual
Height: 5ft 4"
Weight: 105lbs
Measurements: 32D-23-33
Dress size: 8
Hair: Long blonde
Eyes: Blue-green
Shoe size: 4




Supergirl ripping her top open to reveal her costume
Superheroine clutching her chest in pain
Still gagged, Supergirl looks defiant
Supergirl is kissing her arch nemesis
Supergirl Jasmine Sinclair using heat vision
Close up of Supergirl bound and gagged
Evil girl removes the gag from Supergirls mouth
Nina Leigh cupping her boobs in excitement
Supergirl is in pain from an evil crystal
Evil Nina Leigh enters the room and Supergirl looks scared
Jasmine Sinclair pants with pleasure
Bullets bouncing off Supergirls chest
Supergirl is betting for mercy
Evil Super Villainess strokes the heroines face
Nina Leigh kissing Jasmine Sinclairs boobs
Supergirls heat vision heating up a gun
Supergirl awakes to find herself weak and defenceless
Evil Nina cups and massages Supergirls breasts
Close up of Supergirls thigh and knee high boots
Supergirl lying on floor unconcious
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Jasmine Sinclair and Nina Leigh kissing on the lips
Supergirl cupping her breasts
Super hero Jasmine Sinclair knocked out and tied up
Dark evil Nina Leigh kisses the Maid of Might on the neck
Jasmine raises her leg up to get closer to Nina
Jasmine Sinclair as Supergirl in peril
Supergirl Jasmine Sinclair stuggles to break free from rope
Supergirl enjoys the feeling of her breasts being fondled
Supergirl with arms on hips looking angry
Superheroine Power Girl in a lot of peril and pain
Superheroine in ordinary civilian clothing
Stunning Jasmine Sinclair in Miss Power spandex costume
Power Girl Jasmine Sinclair beating up bad girl Fi Stevens
Fi Stevens typing up Jasmine with rope
Jasmine Sinclair sitting on sofa in Power Girl costume
Superheroines Jasmine Sinclair ripping open her top to reveal hero costume
Supergirl Jasmine sinclair pulling down her superhero top
Power Girl Jasmine Sinclair looking in pain
Jasmine Sinclair bound and gagged
Jasmine Sinclair leaning over in Superheroine costume
Jasmine Sinclair bending at the waist
Superhero Jasmine Sinclair over powered by evil Fi Stevens