Wonder Babe in Hypnotic Betrayal – Available again

I received a lot of emails from people that couldn’t download “Wonder Babe – Hypnotic Betrayal”. I have fixed it. If anyone has any problems downloading the full comic book, please let me know.

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I'm Jon X and I'm the creator of Superheroines.net - my small corner of the Internet that I dedicate to bringing superheroines to life with photoshoots, comic books and movies. Everything involving heroines like Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Power Girl and others.
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  1. SuperJames

    Nice to see you’re pushing out all OLD content from 2010 – 2012 trying to rehash it as new. Everything you’re claiming is NEW is in my old site rips. Give us something new, and get rid of that horrid star logo off the supposed “Supergirl” costume. Get the proper S on it. I’ve been cosplaying Superman for years, never been sued for having the genuine diamond proudly on my chest.

    New girls, new content. It’s 2018. I’m not subbing for all the 10 year old images that are highly compressed, my HD screen demands more. Supergirl in super sharp HD.

    You can’t be making much money, especially how much you charge for 1 video. You always have been more interested in other competing sites.

  2. villain

    Love to see this wonder babe in a long villains bearhug.. that outfit is just perfect on her.. love it.. now to see her hugged in it

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