Crushed by an Angel from The Superheroines

I’m not going to lie – I’ve been looking forward to The Superheroines’ latest super heroine movie called ‘Crushed by an Angel’ for a few days now.

The trailer is below, and what I’m excited about is that its a girl-on-top kinda movie. The superheroine is testing out her powers and her strength over these goons, and man, she looks good doing it. Great actress, great costume,¬†she has a great attitude, and the camera work and editing is superb.

The trailer below and some photos underneath:

Some photos:


Download the movie from:

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  1. Anonymus (not the hackers)

    Dude… I’ve always been a lurker, getting videos and photo-comics from whatever page I could get for free… BUT THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME TRAILER I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! And I think I’m going to buy it for real this time.

    I’ve always loved the superheroine genre where girls really got the power, and this productions nails it in everyway. So sad The Superheroines are finishing when they just started to do what I like the most.

    Hopefully some other producer will take this path and make it to the peak
    (Sorry for my English, not my mother language).

    Happy new year, JonX!

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