About Krystala

Real Name: Tala

Occupation: Washer, Waitress

Country of Origin: Philippines

First Appearance: Krystala TV Series 2004

Genre: Fantaserye (Fantasy Series)

Language: Filipino / Tagalog

Running Time: Weekdays 30 minutes

Original Run: October 8, 2004 - April 15, 2005

Producer / Creator: ABS-CBN

No. of Episodes: 133

Directed By: Rory B. Quintos, Mae Czarina R. Cruz, Nuel C. Naval and Trina N. Dayrit

Krystala is a Filipino super-heroine. Her show was also entitled Krystala and was aired from October 8, 2004 to April 15, 2005 which was produced by and aired on ABS-CBN. The show was dubbed by the network as the first-ever superserye (super series). Krystala takes a huge budget and a cast led by television drama icon Judy Ann Santos in a thrilling combination of ABS-CBN's proven teleserye (television series) touch, classic figures in Filipino mythology, and the comic book action-adventure genre.

The storyline delves into family life and conflict, friendship, romance, drama, intrigues and other superheroes. Krystala is a city superheroine; however she comes from the province, but tries to make a life in the city. Despite her superpowers, her struggles as a person also embody the struggles of Filipinos.

The fantaserye (fantasy-based) soap opera also aired at the same time on The Filipino Channel and on a one week delay on International Channel (Now AZN-TV) in the United States.

Krystala History

The city of Manila is plagued by enormous mosquitoes and huge bats, sent by supernatural creatures to defeat human resistance in order to rule the world. Suddenly, from high up in the sky, Krystala appears, and fights the evil creatures. Before long, the streets of the metropolis are now safe again.

Tala was adopted by Aleta and Joram, a couple from the legendary Madulom tribe whose real daughter was newly buried. As they long for their dead daughter they chose to adopt Tala even if their tribesmen think that adopting an outsider is ill-fated. Tala's true name was Faith. When she was little her mother, Zorina told her to run far away from home before an evil man named Bacchus, kills the whole family. Unfortunately, her father was killed and Zorina was kidnapped. Meanwhile, Aleta and Joram found Faith crying near the grave of their daughter and was adopted and named Tala. Her step parents raised her with the guidance of Ima, the village fairy.

Krystala's history begins when she was young. While she was walking in the forest she faltered upon a hidden cave. As she went inside, she found a crystal dwelling on the top of a big rock in the heart of the cave. She suddenly heard a voice coming from the precious stone, as she looked up, she found out the spirit of the legendary diwata sorceress, Luwalhati, who was trapped inside the crystal a hundred years earlier by a diabolic being named Harimon. The battle between the two also left Harimon locked in a black onyx. Luwalhati told Tala that she was the chosen one, the one anointed by the Mountain fairies to save the world. As a promise to the sorceress, Tala agrees and moves to the Manila (metropolitan) to fulfill her promise.

On the other hand, Harimon, was also freed by Zorah. Tala would later learn that she was her true mother, who had turned away after she became possessed by Harimon.

Alter Ego

Her alter ego is Tala, a young hardworking woman, working as a cleaner in a mall food court. People around her do not know that she is the mysterious superheroine.


She's fully-clothed blue costume consists of a golden belt, manacles on her wrists, a golden cape, a pair of knee-high boots and a golden tiara with a glowing crystal on her forehead. We can also see a golden K emblem on the chest just below her costume's neck line symbolising the initial of the heroine.

Special Powers, Abilities and Weapons Used

Her powers evolve in time through out the season. Her super powers include the ability to fly, superhuman strength, endurance and invulnerability. She is also skilled in martial arts; she can create energy blasts that shoot out of her hands, known as krsystal blast. She was also given the ability to create earthquakes and to teleport to another place.

She has the krystal or The crystal which she uses to transform into a superheroine and back again. She uses weapons like the krystal shield, bow and arrow, blade and sword to defeat evil and to save people's lives.

The Villains


The king of all evil supernatural beings. His mission is to conquer the heroine and to find all of his red rocks so he can gain great power.

Harimon's Quote: "Ako ang maghahari sa mundo!"
English Translation: I will rule the world!


A woman who has the features and abilities of a bat. She uses the red rock to transform into Kabagona and vice versa. However she can only change during the night. She robs banks and steals from the wealthy to get rich.

Kabagona's Quote: "Hindi ako hayop, tao ako!"
English Translation: I am human, not an animal!


Also known as Badinger Z. A homosexual villain helps Harimon defeat the superheroine. He longs for his father and for the society's acceptance of who he is. He revenge against those who treated him badly.

Terracotta's Quote: "Sa laban ng pagandahan, isa lang ang matitira ako!"
English Translation: In the fight for the prettiest, there will only be one person left... me!


There are two of them created by Terracotta in the computer world. The Flowerettes are villains played by Filipina actresses Kit-Kat, and Angelica Jones. They just follow Terracotta's evil orders.

Flowerettes Quote: "Why not!"

Super Z

The heroine's main aggressor, whose past, is the key to Tala's life-long search for a mother. She helps Harimon to succeed in their plans.

Super Z's Quote: "Gagawin ko lahat para sa aking anak."
English Translation: I will do everything for my child


The villainess who wants to take revenge on the death of her mother (which means defeating the heroine). She has the ability to turn into light, manipulate light, and attack with light.

Luminax Quote: "Trinaydor ako ng babaeng pinagkakatiwalaan ko!"
English Translation: "The woman that I trusted betrayed me!"


The villain who has the ability to transform into any form of liquid, and can turn things into liquid.


The villain who can manipulate gravity.


The villain with super-speed ability

Cast of Characters

***in credits order***

Krystala / Tala as Judy Ann Santos
Zorina / Zorah / Super Z as Chin Chin Gutierrez
Harimon as Emilio Garcia
Donna Roxas / Luminax as Desiree Del Valle
Gino Salvador as T.J. Trinidad
Miguel as Ryan Agoncillo
Igo as Sid Lucero
Luwalhati as Angel Jacob
Becca Roxas / Kabagona as Alma Concepcion
Aleta as Susan Africa
Joram as Ronnie Lazaro
Giwal as Carlo Aquino
Terence / Terracota as Michael Flores
Yagi as Vanna Garcia
Martin as Rey 'PJ' Abellana
Young Faith / Tala as Sharlene San Pedro
Young Igo as C.J. Navato
Kate as Danica Sotto
George as Spanky Manikan
Bacchus Salvador as Roy Alvarez
Patotina as Roence Santos
Adur as Janus del Prado
Anito as Crispin Pineda
Ima as Ama Quiambao
Bulinggit as Kathryn Bernardo
Nali as Gilleth Sandico
Brutus/Morfino as Michael Conan
Mokong/Mighty M as Aaron Junatas
Loverboy/Mysterio as Hero Angeles
Kim as Sandara Park
Tiny as Gerhard Acao
Rolly as Neil Ryan Sese
Belen as Yda Yaneza
Likido as Jeffrey Santos
Gaynor as Boyd Tinio
Fantasia as Pokwang
Darius as Manny Distor

Other Appearances of the Heroine

Original TV Soundtrack

Super Krystala - Sheryn Regis
Yakap Mo - Dianne Dela Fuente
Ba't Di Mo Pagbigyan (Duet) - King And Maoui David
Sana - Mike Empeno
Shoobee Doo Wop - Sheryn Regis
Kapangyarihan - Gloc 9
Sa Pangarap Na Lang - Marinel Santos
Ikaw Lang Pala - Josh Santana
If I Believed - Carol Banawa
Laban Krystala - Gloc 9 w/ JM