Superwoman - Super Wish 1

Girl transforms into Supergirl after reading a comic book

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Superheroines: Superwoman
Models/Actresses: Danica Thrall
Duration: 17.00 Mins
File Size: 139.00 Mb
File Format: MP4

Full Summary:

Danica Thrall stars as the legendary Maid of Might, Supergirl in a sexy movie featuring the Celebrity Big Brother contestant in the tightest superheroine costume and leotards.

Does your girlfriend know about your love of superheroines? Just imagine what would happen if your girlfriend found one of your Supergirl comic books lying around the house.

Then imagine... what if her wish to become Superwoman became true?

This is what happens to our hero John. His stunning girlfriend finds his Supergirl comic book and transforms into Superwoman.

Bigger boobs, longer legs, long blonde hair, super strength, heat vision, and best of all, that sexy tight costume.