Wonder Babe - Interception

Hitwoman sent to retrieve an ancient artefact runs into Wonder Babe


Synopsis & Comic Book Info

Courtney Ashley is grabbing some lunch when she finds a mysterious bracelet in her mail. Putting on the bracelet transforms the mild, meek girl into a fantastical costume like magic. Whilst this is going on, a female super agent, a girl trained in martial arts and weapons was after that very bracelet.

Having broken into Courtney's apartment, the blonde hitwoman trains her gun on the innocent brunette but can't stop the bespectacled girl from putting on the bracelet and transforming into Wonder Babe. The hitwoman fires her gun but the bullets have no impact whatsoever as the the brunette, emboldened by her new super powers, disarms the blonde and then experiments with her new super powers and super strength.

Body: stomach
Breast Size: small
Breast Type: natural
Clothing: catsuit
Clothing: hot pants
Fight: girl girl
Footwear: knee high boots
Hair: blonde
Hair: brunette
Legs: natural
Legs: shiny
Peril: pain
Strength: super strength
Strength: throat lift
Strength: throw
Transformation: transformation-magical
Villain: girl

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