First screen caps of Sasha as Wonder Woman

I’m working on the latest superheroine movie, as voted for by the Superheroine VIPs, and I am emailing to give you a little teaser.

As you know it stars the incredible Sasha who looks absolutely stunning. Below are some screen caps I took from the movie in-progress.

Release Date
23rd October 2014
19:00 UTC – check here for local times

For now, I hope you enjoy some teaser screen caps.

Check back on Thursday.

Superheroine VIPs have spoken – Sasha as Wonder Woman

Last week I emailed the VIPs asking them what I should work on next:

They voted for Sasha in Wonder Woman: Voyeur.

And so, as I announced yesterday I am working on the movie featuring Sasha as the amazing Amazonian Princess for a release on Thursday 23rd October. I’ll be sending out a couple of updates to the VIPs so sign up now!

Wonder Woman body painting

Love these latin american shows – they feature some absolutely gorgeous women, and in this case I think they have bodypainted this beautiful host, put some kind of board around her neck so she can’t see what she has been painted as, and then she has the play the yes/no game with the audience to guess what she has been painted as.

In this case she has been painted up at Wonder Woman and I gotta say, she looks pretty amazing:

Lightening Girl in Arrogance, chapter 1

Brand new comic book featuring the very sexy Lightening Girl.

Imagine this: Its late 2012 and ‘The Event’ occurred three months ago, resulting in the massive mutation of a few hundred humans on Earth. These humans were now super strong, invincible, had amazing athleticism – but more crucially were all female, all under the age of twenty, and we are stunningly beautiful.

Arrogance is a three part comic book exploring how these new superheroines are handing their new power!

Sneak preview of shoot

Hey all, a quick post to share with you some pictures from a shoot we did yesterday. We shot with Jasmine Sinclair and Nina Leigh – both gorgeous models, and the footage is brilliant.

We shot two short movies.

Movie A – Jasmine plays Superwoman who is lured into Nina’s trap where she is subjected to all kinds of abuse and torture before she finally comes round to Nina’s way of thinking.

Movie B – As Wonder Woman, Nina has lots of fans but none more so that Jasmine’s character who is distinctly taken advantage of by the Amazonian Princess!

Looking forward to cutting them up and getting them out to you guys. If off, I need to get back into order.

Enjoy the pics below:

Hypnotic Betrayal, chapter 3

Unbelievably late (for which I’m really sorry), but chapter 3 of Hypnotic Betrayal was released this morning.

In this long chapter Wonder Babe comes to Sonic Girl’s rescue, only to be confronted by Bruno. After dispatching him, Wonder Babe goes to wake the mighty Sonic Girl, but something is wrong…

Hope you enjoy. Chapter 4 and 5 will be released on Monday, and then I’ll be releasing a new comic book on the Tuesday with a fantastic new superheroine.

Thanks guys, sorry again for the delay (again!) and check back.

If your membership has expired, let me know by sending me a quick email and I’ll see what I can do.


Wonder Woman TV Series Filming – pictures and videos

So filming of the new Wonder Woman series featuring Adrianne Palicki is now in full swing. The following are a bunch of photos of Adrianne Palicki in the new Wonder Woman costume, either in promo or on set.