Hypnotic Betrayal, chapter 3

Unbelievably late (for which I’m really sorry), but chapter 3 of Hypnotic Betrayal was released this morning.

In this long chapter Wonder Babe comes to Sonic Girl’s rescue, only to be confronted by Bruno. After dispatching him, Wonder Babe goes to wake the mighty Sonic Girl, but something is wrong…

Hope you enjoy. Chapter 4 and 5 will be released on Monday, and then I’ll be releasing a new comic book on the Tuesday with a fantastic new superheroine.

Thanks guys, sorry again for the delay (again!) and check back.

If your membership has expired, let me know by sending me a quick email and I’ll see what I can do.


Superwoman – Bully Bites Back, chapter 4

Dressed as her now all-powerful superheroine alter-ego, Sally begins humiliating Brad by demonstrating to him her overwhelming physical superiority over him. Lifting him into the air with a single fair hand is no problem for the young brunette, and she relishes in her power over him.


[this post was uploaded retrospectively due to a delay with the chapter release]