Photo of the Day – Anastasiya Breadson

Anastasiya looks great as Superwoman, Supergirl, Superior Girl, Sonic Girl and everything in between.

She first appeared on playing Superwoman in DNA Disaster, as a reporter helping one of the worlds greatest scientists in creating a technology that could help the entire world.

Loved how Superwoman looked, and her flirtation with the scientist.

Model – Anastasiya Breadson
Comic – Superwoman – DNA Disaster

Anastasiya Breadson as Supergirl

Anastasiya Breadson in her superheroine costume

Comic – Miss Power in Powerless

So last week I _finally_ managed to get everything working and the superheroine comic book Miss Power: Powerless was eventually released.

All I’ll say is that I’m not getting back into the old ways – it was a technical problem but this has been kind of fixed, and by the time I upload my next release I won’t have the same problem.

So some details:

First off, if you want to have a look at the comic book, go to for more details.

Its 204 pages of superheroine action featuring Emma Glover and Nicole Neal.

The stunning Miss Power regularly checks up on criminal mastermind Brad Jones to ensure he hasn’t slipped into his old neferious ways.

Humiliating him in front of his buddy, Brad vows to seek his revenge on the busty brunette, and after his friends shares some valueable information he learnt from Luther, Brad goes about taking down the mighty superheroine.

While Brad is out Miss Power decides to do her own investigation, and she finds that Brad is preparing to chain and hold someone hostage. Unbeknown to her, it is her that Brad intends on capturing.

Arriving with his own crew, including an amazingly hot blonde in a blue outfit, Brad captures, weakens and humiliates the mighty Miss Power, allowing each of his crew to beat her.

But the mighty heroine isn’t finished yet, is she?

204 comic book pages of action!

Teaser – the blonde Bionic Girl in Miss Power – Powerless

So I’m guessing you’ve been wondering who the stunning blonde in the sexy little blue outfit is? Her identity is mysterious, but as you’ll see from below, the girl has attitude!

Miss Power – Powerless is released on Friday.

(a little) more of Nicole Neale here:

Sexy girl ripping off jacket to reveal superhero costume

Reseeding progress – some Superheroine Comics now available for download

Hey all, quick note to update you on reseeding the new website:

Superheroine Peril = all done
Superheroine Films = all done
Superheroine Comics = NOT nearly done!
Superheroines Photos = NOT even started

My aim is to get a new comic book out this week and also migrate a few of the old comic books across.

Key thing is the link to download the superheroine comic books at weren’t working.. but they are now.

So now you can download:

Lightening Girl – Arrogance
Miss Power – Diamond
Miss Power – Not this time
Superwoman – Teacher
Miss Power – Deadly Alliance

More coming sporadically.

Poll – your favourite Superheroine Costume

So we’ve had the favourite model, comic book and your ultimate Supergirl.

This time its your favourite costume.

Options below, but go to this link and pick your TOP 3 costumes and let me know.

Remember that it isn’t your favourite model wearing the costume – imagine your ultimate model… what costume out of the ones in the link would you choose for her to wear?

Additional comments are welcome!
Happy voting.

Back in the game!

You may be aware that two shoots that I’d organised went horribly wrong with either no models turning up, or no actors.

But… last week was a success, and we’re back in the game. I’ve got some work to do now to create a new comic book out of the photos I took, but I’m aiming for Tuesday to which I’ll be filling the backlog.

So the goal is to get all back up to date by Tuesday 12th June. It will be a welcome relief.

And also, I’ve got the next shoot being organised now, so the aim is that any missed updates will be filled, with content there for the future.

… and I’m guessing you’d like a sneak peek!

Production update

Quick update on where I am with production.

The two models I had booked for yesterdays shoot weren’t able to make it (or rather one of them decided not to come and the other didn’t want to come by herself).

So, despite this setback I’m trying to rearrange a shoot for tomorrow (Thursday), and failing that because of the short timeframe I’m looking at shooting next Tuesday 29th May.

Either way, I will have a new story for you folks, and it should only take a couple of days to put the images into post-production, create the comic book and the special effects and then upload to the website.

So here are the outstanding missing weeks at the moment:

17th April – Crush, chapter 1 DONE
24th April – Crush, chapter 2 DONE
1st May – Crush, chapter 3 DONE

I’ll update you if there are any changes.

Supergirl in Crush

Okay, so finally I’ve updated the website with a story entitled Supergirl: Crush.

Now, I’m trying something different. Partly because of time constraints, but also because I’ve been asked a LOT of time whether I can just release comic photo books without the comic part. i.e. like and do it.

I’ve always avoided doing this. The Steele’s do it very well, and I always wanted to be all about the comic book.

But I’ve been running this website for around 7 years now and never really tried it properly…

… so here goes.

Filling the update slots for the 17th April, 24th April and 1st May is a new comic photoset called Crush featuring a very beautiful Hooters Girl/Supergirl.

Its interesting because when I look through the photos I have her in my head saying XYZ. i.e. a little attitude, etc. But your take on it may be completely different. Will be interesting to hear what you guys thought the original story concept was.

Also, let me know what you think of the Comic Book VS Comic Photostory. You like it? Hate it?


So, it has been a while…

I know what you’re thinking: “Whats the excuse this time?”

And yeah, I’d be unhappy too, so I’m going to skip the grovelling and the excuse (hard drive failure btw and I had to reshoot the next story entitled ‘Crush’), and cut to the chase:

1. When will we finally see a damn update to
By 6am on Friday 11th May – i.e two days time

2. How many chapters will you be uploading by 6am Friday 11th May?
Unfortunately just three (I think).

3. Hang on… the last update was 10th April, so as of today (9th April) you’re 4 updates behind.
Yep – and its about to get worse. See below.

4. About to get worse? There are more delays?
Unfortunately yes. The reason for the delay to ‘Crush’ is a problem with hard drive and I lost a LOT of data, including the raw images for Crush and the working copy of the next movie. So I had to reshoot the ‘Crush’ photoset which took the place of another shoot I had scheduled.

5. Eh? So what does this actually mean for updates?
It means that I will be uploading 2-3 chapters of Crush at 6am on Friday 11th May. I can then also upload some photo sets that I have ready or publishing – but I can only really do a couple weeks of that.

So my next shoot scheduled is on 21st May, and I’ll probably try and get something out on Wednesday 23rd May. But this does mean that there will be more missing updates until I can back fill using this next shoot.

6. I’m still not 100%. Give me a table of what to expect

Okay, so by 6am on Friday 11th May the following will be delivered:

17 April – Crush, chapter 1 – AWAITING
24 April – Crush, chapter 2 – AWAITING
1 May – Crush, chapter 3 – AWAITING
8 May – Photoset – AWAITING

Then, by 22nd or 23rd May I’ll then be uploading an update to the website to cover the two update slots below:

15 May
22 May

7. Is this actually going to happen?
Yes. I’ve re-shot Crush and now I need to colour-correct the photos and create a comic book. I think I can get 3 good chapters out of it

8. But what about the photo set you’re shooting on 21st May – are you really going to be able to get that published by 23rd May?
Yes – I was actually thinking of testing out a new way of publishing…

9. A new way of publishing? What do you mean exactly?
So on the website I’ve always created a comic book with dialogue, etc. I was thinking of experimenting with publishing a Mandi Steele style photo set where I colour-correct the images and upload in the order of a story.
What do you think?

10. I’ll leave that for real people to decide and comment on the bottom of this blog.

11. So, what about or
Okay, so we have a new film that I was working on featuring a very sexy Supergirl ‘thanking’ a man for saving her. I was 95% complete and only had the music and sound effects to add before publishing. The bad news is that it was lost when my Lacie hard drive failed.

The good news is that I have another copy on another hard drive – and whilst its not as finished as the copy I lost, its better than starting again. So I’m going to be working on that next week and I’ll definitely be releasing that in May

12. I’ve heard it all before – I have no faith that you’ll update on time
Yeah, I guess that’s understandable, so I look forward to surprising you.

13. Why are you so late all the time? When you started the site in 2005 up until about a year ago you were like clockwork. Now its really sporadic
There are a number of very boring reasons. Family and my work (I have to travel and spend weeks offshore) have changed, and so I’m always playing catchup. I really need a partner, but the sites don’t actually generate a massive profit, and what profit I do have I plough back into more photoshoots and videos. Plus I’m really precious about it all.

14. So why shouldn’t I just cancel my subscription now?
I wouldn’t blame you… but please don’t. Believe me when I say that Crush is an awesome story, and the shoot I’ve got planned on 21st May is going to be great. Plus, I have been talking to Danica about making another appearance on the website so watch this space.

Hey guys, I’m really sorry for the delays. One of my bad habits/failings is that I get incredibly embarrassed when I miss and update and I fail to update the blog telling people about the delay. I know its stupid and its kinda like burying my head in the sand. I know about this and I’m going to try and so something about it because I know how important communication is.

So please please bear with me whilst I restart working on Crush and I’ll have an update for you on Friday at 6am UK time. I’ll then keep you updated on how the photoshoot on the 21st May goes – let me know if you’d like to see a Mandi Steele style update which will be large images but in sequential order to resemble a story – no panels, no dialogue, etc.

Thanks and my sincere apologies again.


Lightening Girl in Arrogance, chapter 1

Brand new comic book featuring the very sexy Lightening Girl.

Imagine this: Its late 2012 and ‘The Event’ occurred three months ago, resulting in the massive mutation of a few hundred humans on Earth. These humans were now super strong, invincible, had amazing athleticism – but more crucially were all female, all under the age of twenty, and we are stunningly beautiful.

Arrogance is a three part comic book exploring how these new superheroines are handing their new power!

Coming back online – slowly

Hey all, a quick note to say that I’ve changed hosts, and I’m slowly getting all the websites back up and running again.

The one thing I don’t have is email – my email is NOT setup yet and at the time of writing I’m not able to receive emails – I haven’t received any emails since early last week.

UP – this is technically up, but the members user/pass may not be working – this is up, and the blog is (obviously) up


Once all up I’ll post it up this blog.

Oh, and just to give you a little teaser of something I’m working on right now:

Quantum of Power chapter 5

Fifth and final chapter of Daubster’s Quantum of Power, featuring Gemma Hiles as the blonde Supergirl.

The stunning brunette Shimmer goes to finish off the mighty Supergirl, but the blonde superheroine has different ideas.

Hope you enjoy the last chapter of Quantum of Power. All credit to Daubster for the story.

Quantum of Power

Special week – today I’m publishing the first chapter of Quantum of Power: Daubster’s take on a shoot I did with Gemma Hiles and Julie Woodward (two very popular heroines on this website).

Daubster actually put this together a long time ago, and I’m really pleased to be able to release it to you guys.

I’ll be completely transparent: does it qualify as an update, even though a version of these images have been released in a previous comic book? I thought about this and came to the conclusion that it does qualify – Daubster’s take is completely different to mine, and he has integrated lots of special effects, etc.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Supergirl and Power Girl updates

Hey all, just catching up with the missing updates and I’m finally finally there.

The bad news…
is that I don’t have the new comic book ready yet and so the updates from the 7th February and 14th February are photoshoots.

The good news…
is that the photosets I just uploaded are with two of the most popular heroines in 2011 – Emma Glover as Superwoman and Caitlin Wynters as Power Girl.

Next week will be the release of a new comic book – the working title is ‘Arrogance’. I’ll let you read into the title in whichever way you choose :)

Enjoy and see you guys on Tuesday.

Sonic Girl in the Scientist

Hey all,

Imagine that my head is stooped low, and I’m looking a little sheepish. Sonic Girl took WAY longer than expected so apologies for the delay.

But I’m really hoping you guys like my new comic book featuring the stunning Sonic Girl.

The basic story?
Sexy genius scientist experiment goes wrong and she has to be saved by the amazing sexy Sonic Girl
There is a unexpected turn of events where the scientist obtains Sonic Girls amazing powers
… and it leads from there.

Hope you guys enjoy it. Some images for you:

Sonic Girl is coming

Okay, so my new years resolutions didn’t exactly start with a bang. The final chapters of Time Travel have been uploaded to the Members section – featuring the gorgeous Emma Glover and India Reynolds.

So this means that:

Dec 13 – Time Travel chapter 6 – DONE
Dec 20 – Time Travel chapter 7 – DONE

So outstanding weeks are:

Dec 27
Jan 03
Jan 10

And then there is an update scheduled for tomorrow (January 17th).

So my aim is to get back up-to-date by the end of this week. This will be with the release of a new comic book featuring the very sexy Sonic Girl.

On a positive note you may have seen that I shot a video last week with Jasmine Sinclair and Nina Leigh. All very exciting. So next steps will be to finish off the SuperheroinePeril film I shot with Sasha and get that released before the end of the month. Then I’ll start on the first movie featuring Jasmine Sinclair as the very busty Supergirl.

So I’m off now to colour-correct about 3000+ photos and finish off the Sonic Girl comic book. Like I say, by the end of the week we’ll be up to date.

In the meantime, tell me about your Ultimate Supergirl in the following survey. It’ll take 2 minutes:

New Years Resolutions

… I will update on-time everytime just like I used to.

Christmas period was manic, and I’ve not been able to finish off the final chapter of the Time Travel story. However I will be finishing it off and publishing before the end of the week.

I was also able to shoot a new comic book just before Christmas which I’ll also be starting this week.

My aim is to get at least two updates out by the end of the week, and to be completely up-to-date by the end of next week (Friday 13th).

So my New Year Resolution will be starting as soon as I get Time Travel finished off and have got the new story (working title: Scientist) published. I’m also shooting some sexy new videos next week and another comic book the week after.

Oh… and a little teaser:

Time Travel, chapter 5

She’s back!!

After smashing the bad guy up against a brick wall and then going to stamp on his face, Dark Star is pushed away by Miss Power just in time. Checking his body to ensure he has not suffered anything more than a couple of broken bones, Miss Power then confronts the mysterious super human woman in black and purple.

Things really begin to hot up between the two super powered girls! login problems

Hey all,

I know there is a problem for some people in logging into the website with their normal username and password.

I’ve just emailed a bunch of people with a temporary username/password until we get the problem fixed.

I’ve been talking to CCBill and Verotel (the payment gateway companies) since last week because there is a continued problem with the CGI script on the new server.

We *think* we’ve found out the problem now. It involves caching, blocking CCBills IP addresses, and other techie stuff I don’t really understand.

But, the main thing now is that I’m waiting for CCBill to regenerate the password list that sits on the website. So at the moment your username/password is on the CCBill system, but it hasn’t told my website to accept those people.

I will email those people as soon as CCBill and Verotel have both regenerated their lists on the website so that you can all get into the Members section with your own user/pass.

Sorry for the continued billing problems.


Time Travel, chapter 4

Just as Miss Power is about to dispatch with the pervert that tried to attack her, an incredibly sexy brunette walks through what seems to be a portal. Greeting her as a friend, Miss Power is unaware that the busty brunette is the evil Dark Star. However Dark Star begins to show her true colours as she dishes out her own style of punishment on the man that tried to attack Miss Power.

True to her values, Miss Power then has to stop the brunette before she goes too far.

Time Travel, chapter 3

So Sergeant Simms is not in a good way after being demolished by the phenomenal, busty Dark Star.

So where the heck is Miss Power? Well she has her own, mor minor problems, when a dirty old pervert gets in the way of her rescue of Sgt Simms. After warning the pervert she decides to teach the man a lesson and transforms into the amazing Miss Power.

On an aside, India Reynolds is the next Miss Power and as I’m sure you’ll agree, she is absolutely amazing.

Thanks to Joser for the story btw.

What a pain in the ass

Well… that was a bit of a pain.
Nearly two weeks I think after the servers first went down due to some kind of attack, the website is back up… I think.

There may be problems and there may be little niggly issues. If you could email me with anything I would be very grateful.

In the meantime I’ve just uploaded the two comic book chapters from Time Travel that were missed out when the server was down, and so I’ll be posting separate items for them next.

Oh… and I guess you’ve seen the new blog and the new location?
I’ll blog about that next too!

Thanks everyone for their patience. I was posting on the SuperWomenMania forum (post is here) to keep everyone update.


Injection Rejection, chapter 6

Silly me! After posting the fifth chapter of Injection Rejection on 18th October I completely forgot to post the sixth and final chapter the following week. Instead I added uploaded a sexy photoset of the busty Henchwoman and then the first chapter of Time Travel.

So, this week its back to DF Fan’s brilliantly illustrated Injection Rejection.

Hope you enjoy!

Hypnotic Betrayal, chapter 3

Unbelievably late (for which I’m really sorry), but chapter 3 of Hypnotic Betrayal was released this morning.

In this long chapter Wonder Babe comes to Sonic Girl’s rescue, only to be confronted by Bruno. After dispatching him, Wonder Babe goes to wake the mighty Sonic Girl, but something is wrong…

Hope you enjoy. Chapter 4 and 5 will be released on Monday, and then I’ll be releasing a new comic book on the Tuesday with a fantastic new superheroine.

Thanks guys, sorry again for the delay (again!) and check back.

If your membership has expired, let me know by sending me a quick email and I’ll see what I can do.