First off, a huge apologies for not uploading the teaser. I completely forgot! There is no excuse at all, so apologies and hope that you enjoy the first chapter.

In Wonder Babe: In the Wrong Hands, the stunning Wonder Babe is called to put her real life on hold to capture Dr X – an evil criminal on the run.

Back on Monday as usual to release the second chapter.

Sexy Wonder Woman with tiara and cleavage


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  1. Jumper Prime on

    Forgetting to upload the teaser seems to be a chronic problem around here. I can’t remember the last time I saw anything besides a blank page where there should be a teaser for the following week’s upload, and the trend continues this week as, again, there is no teaser

  2. jon 1stof all i like the story and the model looks great but she’s no danica… ho hum.. But i belive wonder babe has had a serious waldrobe malfunction. It looks like she was starting of as superwoman from the bottom got confused in the middle and decided wonder babe for the top. Wonder babe really should have the pleaser white stripe boots or at very least your red shiny go go’s. A blue set of hot pants and your top. I still like it as its a twist on ww but next time stick to the classic design plz. Also just like power womans boots could you get the classic ww white line boots?
    love your work, been a fan since you started and its only constructive comments not having a go! keep up the great work scotty

  3. Excellent outfit! Excellent model who fills it out so nicely, although I must admit I have a preference for blonde superheroines, but I’m sure not complaing in this case.
    Always love it when the superheroine is sleeveless.

  4. like the new outfit, looks good, maybe the only thing I might change maybe add the ww type power belt instead, but look great, curious to see how this story continues

  5. We want Danica, and we want her NOW!!! Yep it’s a tease not having the teaser Jon, story looks good, girl looks great as Wonder babe and I want to see a calendar of all the great girls.

    What do other viewers on this blog think? Send in your comments & suggestions for a calendar, if your a blonde lover, let’s get em to make a calendar specially for us & one for those who are taken by brunettes, I love em all.




  6. Hey everyone dont get me wrong Danica an awsome superwoman and I look forward to the next story with her in it but lets give this lady a chance that plays wonderbabe, she looks hot in her costume, Iam hoping DR X comes back after her out for revenge and captures her than maybe Superwoman Danica can come try and rescue her

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