Okay folks, here it is… the fourth chapter of Not So Dumb. In this weeks chapter the young blonde martial arts expert finally gets the better of Superwoman. After placing the mysterious bracelet around our heroine, the blonde watches as Supergirl is weakened so that in the end she is completely helpless to defend herself.

The blonde then summons her two male colleagues, and has a very ‘super’ surprise for them!

Hope you enjoy guys!

Supergirl weak and helpless


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  1. Wow! The vicious blonde really put the hurt on poor helpless Superwoman. Great dialogue as the blonde verbally humiliates the pathetically weak heroine. Things don’t look good for the gorgeous superheroine. Great story so far, perhaps the best I’ve ever seen on this site, and that is saying something! Keep up the great work!

  2. Yea, great story! First one in quite a while with some drama. Superwoman looks hot, too. Also, the photos are quite dramatic- the angles, etc., are really well-planned, such as showing the two guys looking surprised, leaving us wondering what they see, and then cutting to the shot of her tied to the chair (from behind, for good effect). A+ all around. Liking the villain, too- she is made for that role. Let’s hope the rest lives up to this chapter.

  3. this is what i called a superheroines in distress…now she have to use her mind and her charms on the thug to avoid death sentence, recover her power and finally get the upper hand on her now superpowered nemesis?

  4. One of the best comics released on SuperSexyHeroines.com for a while. Don’t get me wrong, I love EVERY comic you do, but I love peril man, and I love seeing the heroine in distress.

    Looking forward to the next chapters, and as the others say above, love the helpless supergirl, and the photos which really reflect the mood of the comic.

    Well done (again)

  5. Best issue in awhile. Just when I am about to cancel my subscription you give me Miss Power or one of these awesome comics. You might not be a fan of seeing a heroine defeated or humilated but it makes her comeback that much more greater in the end. Also makes the bad guys more evil and that much more rewarding when they get their butts kicked in the end. Can’t wait to see the bad guys get what’s coming to them.

  6. I’ll suggest this comic to them to remake into a movie. We’ve be using the same location a few times and I’m hopefully meeting them in the next couple of weeks so I’ll mention it. Would make a great film… although you guys don’t even know the ending!

  7. That is true but hopefully Super Girl wins in the end. I have to agree that this one of the best issues in awhile. It’s more exciting. Maybe cause Super Girl is in trouble and we don’t know what’s going to happen next or how she is going to escape. Big fan of this one, and Miss Power:Spectra. The two best issues. I concur with Mike’s comment. I was just about to cancel my membership, but just when I am about too you give me a comic with Miss Power or an awesome one like this one. I will cancel ultrasexyheroines though. Hasn’t been updated in weeks.

  8. Another +1 vote for the latest photo series. Without at least some peril or challenge, the superheroine genre can get boring real fast. A physical challenge to an overconfident superheroine by an unexpectedly powerful villainess is always going to make the sparks fly! I mean, not one but TWO super strong women battling it out makes for a very exciting dynamic 😉

    I suggest you try some strong villainess stories instead of power stealing stories as, in the latter, the superheroine is reduced to an ordinary person. When the heroine is faced by a villain of equal or even greater power, you can also explore the mental shock this has on the heroine, who was until that moment was convinced that no-one could challenge her or be stronger than her. Having to deal with this revelation as well as physically fight this dangerous opponent and the resulting defeat adds another dimension to the story.

    For this to work best, you want to start with the top of the pecking order heroine, e.g. a “Supergirl-a-like” and in the opening of the story, emphasise her confidence in her overwhelming strength and invulnerability – her power has never been challenged. With the scene and character thus set, you can introduce a second “power woman” with strength even greater than the heroine.

    At first, as they face off, the heroine can be her usual cocky confident self, but when the fight starts, she quickly realises that this villain is unlike any she has faced and soon discovers that her own strength, though incredible, is no match for the villain’s! Now you can play with the emotions and thoughts and expressions of the heroine as she has to take in and deal with this life-changing revelation as well as the villain’s delight in seeing the cocky heroine struggling to come to terms with it.

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