Well, from the resounding amount of feedback I got regarding everyone’s top superheroines, I am very pleased to say that Gemma Hiles and Julie Woodward are BACK in a new comic book, Super Chick: Infected.

As you would expect, both girls look absolutely stunning and this short (4 chapters I think) story pits superheroine vs. superheroine.

Really hope you all enjoy!



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  1. Yeah, I agree. THere hasn’t been any secret identities in way too long. One of my favorite aspect of the site is watching a normal plain girl whip off her glasses and turn into a superheroine. These girls, while they look great, look the same as a superheroine as they do in normal guise. I say bring back the glasses, Jon!

  2. I’m with D. Instead of the spinning / magical transformations you usually present, let’s have an “old school” change-of-identity, where the girl whips off her glasses, lets down her hair, and pulls open her blouse to reveal a super-costume underneath. That always gets my pulse racing!

  3. Do any british women have a rear end worth showing??? Goodness, how boring, all these skirts, and even when tight shorts are shown, we never get a good rear end shot.

    Get some USA grade a women in there, no more of these flat chested weird looking women like the picture set posted after this comic. Pleassssse!!!

  4. Thanks for delivering Gemma again! Best Superheroine so far and you have many great ones. I like the way chapter one has started and am anxious for chapter two.

  5. sexy catfight in perspective..two supermodel with equal superpowers ;hope using all of these like laserbeam and flight of course with superstrength like the submission challenge between miss power and spectra
    who will prevail?

  6. Love to see an ending where the girls become superlovers instead of defeating one or the other. Seeing those two kiss and touch would be really sexy. The two could come to realize they are both equals in power now.

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