Alana photo manipulations – submissions

I’m very excited to receive some submissions.

Check these out:

Alana in Supergirl costume lifting an immense barbell
From Marco
Original –

Alana lifting a man by his throat
By Marco
Original –

Alana as Supergirl stopping a car
By Kent
Original –

TheCatSuit also kindly cut Alana out of the background. His link is here:

Thanks guys… keep them coming… they’re awesome!!

Hot New Release – Sasha in Wonder Babe: Voyeur

So… I’m back, and I’m happy to say that earlier I emailed all the Superheroine VIPs to say that you can now download the latest movie from the following link.

It is called Wonder Babe: Voyeur and it features the amazing Sasha in the lead role.

Download the movie


I would like to warn viewers that this is an adult film so please do not download if you are easily offended or are not into that kind of content.

The summary of the movie is:
Sasha is the amazing Wonder Babe who returns after a long day fighting crime and makes a little time for ‘herself’ before transforming into a daring costume for a night out with the girls. However, what she doesn’t realise is someone is watching her every move.

I also need to point out there are no scenes of superhuman strength or super powers, apart from Wonder Babe changing from her costume into a sexy little night life outfit.

Some images to whet your appetite!

In the meantime, click here to download the movie

Download the movie

Let me know what you think.

First screen caps of Sasha as Wonder Woman

I’m working on the latest superheroine movie, as voted for by the Superheroine VIPs, and I am emailing to give you a little teaser.

As you know it stars the incredible Sasha who looks absolutely stunning. Below are some screen caps I took from the movie in-progress.

Release Date
23rd October 2014
19:00 UTC – check here for local times

For now, I hope you enjoy some teaser screen caps.

Check back on Thursday.

Photomanipulation challenge – Alana

Looking through a bunch of old photosets the other day I stumbled upon the gorgeous Alana – she was one of the first models I worked with, and still to this day one of the best. She is stunning as Supergirl and its a shame I’ve not had the chance to get her back into HQ and get that spandex costume back on again.

But then it got me thinking. Some of you out there are incredibly talented photomanipulation artists. What if I provided some stills of some gorgeous girls and then you guys worked on cutting her out of the current frame and inserting her into some awesome scene.

That would be cool right?

So I thought I’d try it. The following are images of the stunning Alana in her Supergirl costume pulling 5 poses. The following link is to a ZIP file containing the high-resolution images to the thumbs below:

Download high-res images

Feel free to download the images. All I ask is that you get back in touch via email or via the comments and show off your awesome work!

Photo of the Day – Anastasiya Breadson

Anastasiya looks great as Superwoman, Supergirl, Superior Girl, Sonic Girl and everything in between.

She first appeared on playing Superwoman in DNA Disaster, as a reporter helping one of the worlds greatest scientists in creating a technology that could help the entire world.

Loved how Superwoman looked, and her flirtation with the scientist.

Model – Anastasiya Breadson
Comic – Superwoman – DNA Disaster

Anastasiya Breadson as Supergirl

Anastasiya Breadson in her superheroine costume

Superheroine VIPs have spoken – Sasha as Wonder Woman

Last week I emailed the VIPs asking them what I should work on next:

They voted for Sasha in Wonder Woman: Voyeur.

And so, as I announced yesterday I am working on the movie featuring Sasha as the amazing Amazonian Princess for a release on Thursday 23rd October. I’ll be sending out a couple of updates to the VIPs so sign up now!

Super Jamie

Looking back at my photo library of girls in superheroine costumes and I found these. They’re of a girl called Jamie, and I think she looks wonderful. She has the exact look I want our next Supergirl to have.

Anyone have any other pictures of her in this Supergirl costume, or know her name?

Wonder Woman body painting

Love these latin american shows – they feature some absolutely gorgeous women, and in this case I think they have bodypainted this beautiful host, put some kind of board around her neck so she can’t see what she has been painted as, and then she has the play the yes/no game with the audience to guess what she has been painted as.

In this case she has been painted up at Wonder Woman and I gotta say, she looks pretty amazing:

Crystal making her Ms. Marvel costume

Love this video clip – Crystal makes an awesome Ms Marvel costume, and she looks pretty damn amazing inside it.

The description is:

Ms. Marvel gets a new look as Moonstone is placed in the Ms. Marvel costume. This cosplay is Crystal’s third entry in Project Cosplay. Steve Wang of Hollywood effects fame gives his opinion on the costume and Crystal’s expanding abilities in creating new costumes.

On the look out for new models

At the moment I am ploughing through a lot of unedited photos and footage to release a bunch of new stuff on the website in the next few weeks leading up to Christmas. Its great going over all the stuff I’ve not yet had a chance to edit – and there is some GREAT stuff in there.

But, looking forward to next month and the new year I will be shooting some brand new material and what I’m now doing is contacting models to book them in.

And this is where I could use some help. I’m based in London, UK and it’d be great to hear your thoughts on who we should get as the next Supergirl or the next Wonder Woman for the comic books and films.

So if you do have any suggestions, let me know the models website, twitter account, instagram account, or any way in which I can view her portfolio or recent snaps.

And remember, we have set high standards on!

FILM – Superwoman in Krypto Crystal

Okay, so it has been a long time, but today I’m happy to say I have uploaded a new superheroine peril film to the website!!

Download the film from

It is called Superwoman: Krypto Crystal and stars the sexy Jess West as Superwoman and Tiffany Naylor as an evil villainess clad in black spandex.

No trailer yet, but there are some screengrabs on the product page at:


Actually, here are some images:

Superheroine Pinterest

So another little experiment.

Today I’m launching a new section called ‘Social’. You can see it here:

I’ll be trying to use it as much as I can to post images of all the best superheroines I can find. Its a public utility and open to anyone to post. If you fancy helping me put together the most comprehensive gallery of superheroines please do sign up!

Note to other content publishers – feel free to promote your websites on this social gallery. Some of the best superheroines come from publishers and I want everyone involved!

Superheroine Pinterest website

A New Supergirl – Day 1

Hey, I wanted to let you know that today I release the second chapter of my ‘A New Supergirl’ storyline, Day 1.

Day 1?!

Yep – I decided that instead of getting too hung up on writing a chronological order, that I could instead publish chapters as I finished them. And I don’t want to be too bogged down by writing about Day 3 when all I want to do is a chapter around Day 80 when Supergirl is out kicking ass.

So, I hope you enjoy it.

You can read A New Supergirl – Day 1 here. I’m either working on Day 2 or Day 10 next. Can’t decide yet – but that’s the beauty of my system!

Molly Quinn as Supergirl at WonderCon 2013

Gorgeous Molly Quinn dresses up as Supergirl at WonderCon 2013, ripping open her white shirt to reveal the Supergirl emblem.

Seems that Molly was up on stage promoting “Superman Unbound” which features Molly Quinn as Supergirl… but sadly only an animated version.

Looking at the promotion images of her up on stage, Molly would make a fantastic real life Supergirl. Not exactly what I had in mind, but its better than nothing, hey?

But saying that, until today I’d no idea who Molly Quinn was :)

Comic – Miss Power in Powerless

So last week I _finally_ managed to get everything working and the superheroine comic book Miss Power: Powerless was eventually released.

All I’ll say is that I’m not getting back into the old ways – it was a technical problem but this has been kind of fixed, and by the time I upload my next release I won’t have the same problem.

So some details:

First off, if you want to have a look at the comic book, go to for more details.

Its 204 pages of superheroine action featuring Emma Glover and Nicole Neal.

The stunning Miss Power regularly checks up on criminal mastermind Brad Jones to ensure he hasn’t slipped into his old neferious ways.

Humiliating him in front of his buddy, Brad vows to seek his revenge on the busty brunette, and after his friends shares some valueable information he learnt from Luther, Brad goes about taking down the mighty superheroine.

While Brad is out Miss Power decides to do her own investigation, and she finds that Brad is preparing to chain and hold someone hostage. Unbeknown to her, it is her that Brad intends on capturing.

Arriving with his own crew, including an amazingly hot blonde in a blue outfit, Brad captures, weakens and humiliates the mighty Miss Power, allowing each of his crew to beat her.

But the mighty heroine isn’t finished yet, is she?

204 comic book pages of action!

Shit shit shit

So my fairy tale comeback, devoid of any problems, turned out to be a false hope.

I’ve got a problem with the management system (thanks Grapper and Eric for letting me know) and I need to wait for my developer to fix it tomorrow (Tuesday). This is the equivalent of the bottle being thrown at the launch of a new boat and it not smashing on impact – seemingly disastrous but I’m not superstitious so I know it’ll be okay.

Just gutted that a few people had a pretty crap experience in trying to download a zip file that wasn’t actually there. As soon as he’s in tomorrow evening I’ll grab my guy and we’ll see what the problem is. I’ll then email everyone again – if you are on the Superheroines VIP list and you got your email (which didn’t work), just ignore it until I get it fixed. I’ll then email again.

Thanks guys :(

So what would you do if this happened

On Thursday I published a post about Submitting Stories and I inserted an old picture of Kyla Cole. She does – of course – look absolutely phenomonal.

So it then got me thinking.

Its Friday, you come home after a long week at work and you know you have your place to yourself for the evening. You’re thinking you’ll crack open a few beers and maybe watch a film right?

You open the door and the first thing you see is Supergirl standing in that pose on your stairs. She looks friendly. Sultry even.

What do you do?
What do you say next?
What movements do you make?
And what do you expect her to say?
What will she do?

Describe exactly how you would like the next 15 minutes to go, after you walk into that door – in your ideal situation.

I’ll describe my ideal situation early next week.

Oh… and nothing TOO smutty. Remember, this is a public blog enjoyed by everyone!

Kyla Cole looking  at you inviting you to bed in her Supergirl costume

My first fictional story – A New Supergirl

So a long time ago I decided I wanted to write my own Supergirl stories – just a few chapters to begin with, but perhaps a few under the same series.

Boy, did I underappreciate how long that takes. Writing takes a long time, especially when you’re never happy with it. I have utter respect for the guys that create massive fictional stories for websites like SuperWomenMania and Diana the Valkyrie. It takes up a lot of time!

The first series I will be working on is A New Supergirl in which I explore how Supergirl’s powers are transferred from a dying Supergirl to a normal female passer-by and how she then copes with the transition from normal girl to the most powerful and beautiful girl on the planet.

Watch out though: I do not start with Day 1 and work upwards. I write depending on how I feel, and the first day I publish is Day 8, her first outing in the Supergirl costume to start cleaning up the city streets.

The first chapter is Day 8. Its Jodie’s first venture out in her new Supergirl costume, and she happens across three violent, drunk men beating up an innocent man. And then the magic happens.

Hope you enjoy it guys.

A New Supergirl – Day 8

Supergirl with her arms folded across her breasts

Tell me your Superheroine Fantasy

Well… not just me, but everyone!

I just created a new section on the website allowing superheroine fans to submit stories or even just snippets of your superheroine fantasy.

It will be shown to the world and other people can then vote for your idea. The best ideas I will then try my hardest to transform or integrate into a superheroine comic book or film.

The hardest part? You have to fit it into 400 characters. So be concise :)

1. Go to

2. Click on ‘Add Story’ and enter your superheroine story/fantasy idea into the popup

3. You can also vote for your favourite superheroine stories/fantasies

Some examples? Well it could be a story idea for a comic. Or it could be more detail about a specific way that Supergirl transforms from everyday girl into the Maid of Might.

Whatever it is, I’m going to be reviewing this section every single time I prepare for a comic book or film shoot. So get your ideas in there.

Click here to submit your superheroine story idea or fantasy … or just to vote on others.

Look forward to hearing some of your ideas!

Oh, and a blog post would be complete without a picture of a sexy superheroine would it?!

Kyla Cole in her Supergirl superheroines costume

Teaser – the blonde Bionic Girl in Miss Power – Powerless

So I’m guessing you’ve been wondering who the stunning blonde in the sexy little blue outfit is? Her identity is mysterious, but as you’ll see from below, the girl has attitude!

Miss Power – Powerless is released on Friday.

(a little) more of Nicole Neale here:

Sexy girl ripping off jacket to reveal superhero costume

Looking back to May 2005

With the launch of my new website, I’ve been looking back at a lot of old photoshoots and content that I created.

(Don’t worry… this is a short post with a nice picture at the end of it).

In May 2005 I decided that having been a massive fan of Mandi Steele, I wanted to create my own comic books. And so I got in touch with a young model, borrowed a camera and drove to a studio. Just previous to this I got a really high-quality Supergirl costume created.

Susan (below) was the first Supergirl and model I ever shot. That was 7 years and 10 months ago.

How crazy is that?

It’d be interesting to know – Who was there downloading comics from right from the start?

Teenage Supergirl standing with her arms folded

I just found this one. My second every shoot with the amazing Sammy Braddy.
Just like other models, I didn’t know she’d go onto a lot bigger and better things. Sammy was a pretty famous model here in the UK. Look her up – you won’t be disappointed!

Sammy Braddy as Supergirl in spandex superheroine costume

Oh… and another one:

Supergirl Sammy Braddy about to beat up a bad guy